Helping adults prepare children for kindergarten and life.

45% of Kids Aren’t Prepared for Kindergarten

Prepare Your Kids for School with Fun, Quick & Engaging Activities

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”

- O. Fred Donaldson

Make Sure They’re Ready

Being Unprepared For Kindergarten Can Have Life-Long Consequences Including: Higher Drop Out Rates, Poverty & Incarceration

Take Control of Your Kids Education & Future, because If Not You, Who?

How It Works

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    Choose... from tabs below to play by skill, activity, follow the curriculum we created or set up a play group

    We create hands-on activities that focus on preparing kids for kindergarten using commons household items., No long supply lists, just gather a few items and start right now!

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    Play... along with one or more of the 300+ offered activities that only take 15 minutes

    Choose an activity below based on your child’s interests, a specific skill needing attention, or simply start by following our carefully-planned curriculum.

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    Succeed... by being fully-prepared for the first year of formal education.

    Kids and adults quality time combined with successful preparation for kindergarten is shown to provide an 80% higher chance of graduating high school, lowering chance of poverty, and reduced risk of teen pregnancy.

Choose below for your way to play...

Play By Curriculum Plan

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The curriculum plan will guide your child through a uniquely designed educational track to ensure they are ready to begin kindergarten. Incorporating the 5 skills throughout 13 different types of activity each month, your child will always have fun while learning!

Start at Month 1 and complete the 26 activities in the order you choose. Once all 26 are completed, move on to Month 2. The skills build on one another from month to month and also include review activities- as repetition is key to learning. Don’t forget to utilize the additional resources offered each moth (books, music & finger plays) and check off activity as “completed”!  Have fun!

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